LogicCoder is a GUI system that integrates Software Systems Design, Coding, Maintenance and Documentation. It helps developers to focus their effort on issues of correctness of solution design, code quality management, documentation, and code maintainability. LogicCoder integrates, automate and presents code logic design, code writing, documentation and maintenance in a single document interface. There is less chance of committing errors. Can also be used with related software system to analyze existing source code for correctness and documentation using structured flowcharts. LogicCoder is reliable and easy to use. Our online tutorial is also available as a free download.

A tutorial on the use of flowchart to trace the computation of averages CLICK HERE

You can also use our online tutorial to quickly learn how write Computer Programs with use of no language syntax and no language control statements for BASIC, C++, PHP, JavaScript or Java source code to flowcharts. You can use LogicCoder to edit the control logic generated from your source code. LogicCoder will then generate code from the flowchart in the original source language or in other languages. LogicCoder is designed to make Program Design, Review, Coding, Testing, Documentation, and Maintenance much easier by integrating these processes into a single document interface. Download free copy of LogicCoder for ANSI C++ and BASIC.

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